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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Run8 V2 Community-Wide Session on the 28th!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Run8 V2 Community-Wide Session on the 28th! Empty [ANNOUNCEMENT] Run8 V2 Community-Wide Session on the 28th!

Post by Delta-6 Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:41 pm

Great news everyone! There is a community-wide session that launches after XMAS for Version 2!
All the details are below. The event goes live on December 28th. Server Connection info will be given out on Discord.
Hope to see you there!

Connection information for Run8 V2 Community Session
Date & Time: December 28th 2016 1:00PM EST
Route(s): CSX Selkirk Terminal and CSX Mohawk Sub
Port: 15197
Password: Given out on Discord or via PM (Dispatchers will be given a separate password for AI & DS control)
Voice Communication Program: Discord
Discord Server:
Guest accounts are set up for the server so you don't need a Discord account if you don't already have one.

Any owner of Run8 Version 2 and either Selkirk or Mohawk may join the session, this means any user from any Run8 group including the developers. (For the case of The Depot, I will need someone to get in contact with them to see if they will allow advertisement of this session)

Hump crews and trim crews will be needed for this session!

1. Golden Rule: Please be respectful of staff and each other
2. Obey all Speed Limits. If you don't know the limit, please ask.
3. Use the appropriate Discord Channel based on your trains location (CH 64, CH46, etc)
4. Since the DS board is currently Not Functioning, Dispatchers on Selkirk will use line-of-sight and voice communication to dispatch trains.(I.e Flying) Mohawk dispatchers will use the DS Screen.
5. Please DO NOT adjust the Hump Controller Tags.
6. Only choose a local if you know how to run it. (I.E. Q633, RJ-1, Y111, C711, etc) Many members of the community are familiar with some of these trains and will help you out if you are struggling with a local.
7.  Several trains are already spawned in for you to take at the start of the session. But you can spawn in any train you want as long as it remains somewhat prototypical (I.E No absurdly long trains, with 20+ locos, etc )  
8. If you do not own a microphone, please use Discord's Text Chat or Run8's built in chat. (TAB Key)
9. If you wish to contact the dispatcher, please Tone him/her or use the text chat if you don't know how. (We will teach you if you don't know)
10. If you need to roll back up the hump or down into the bowl to fix something, turn the HUMP Controller and Pinpuller  OFF.
11. Request Dispatcher Permission BEFORE moving.
12. Have Fun!

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