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Run8 Version 2 RELEASED

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Run8 Version 2 RELEASED Empty Run8 Version 2 RELEASED

Post by Delta-6 Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:40 pm

Run8 Version 2 RELEASED Run8_i10

On November 5th, 2016, Run 8 Studios released Run 8 Train Simulator Version 2 for $50.00.  

Visit to purchase.

Version 2 brings to numerous changes to Run 8 Train Simulator. Here's a list of some of them in no particular order:

-New 64-bit support system. The 2GB memory limit is a thing of the past
-Abililty to import your existing Run 8 V1 routes and convert your v1 add-on car/loco packs. (See User Guides)
-AI Train System. AI trains follow track speed and signal indications. AI Freight trains crew change at designated locations while AI passenger trains will stop at station stops. (Selkirk.Mohawk Stations not working at this time)
-SD70ACE units included in BNSF, UP, CSX and Run 8 liveries
-SD45-2 and SD40T-2 in Run 8 Western livery
-Palmdale Cutoff Extension has been added to the Mojave Sub
-Needles Subdivision now included
-Multiple Avatars now available. Conductors are available to appear when you crew a train as well.
-Weather effects (Clouds, fog, haze) have been added.
-Updated Dispatch Boards that show train information tags, open switches and fleeting of signals.
-Fully Featured Industry Configuration System
-New Consist Editor and AI permissions for hosts.
-Routes are based on Regions now so all routes in a region will automatically load up together when you enter the sim world.
-Updated Hump controller options, such as having multiple sets of hump tag lists.
-Horns and Bells can be changed via menu screen
-Built-in Train Tagger
-Ability to teleport to the Block Indicator icons (and not just switch icons now)
-and much much more!

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