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[RELEASE] Run8 V2 Freebie Horn Pack

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[RELEASE] Run8 V2 Freebie Horn Pack Empty [RELEASE] Run8 V2 Freebie Horn Pack

Post by Delta-6 Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:59 am

I am proud to announce that a new pack of horns is available for download for Version 2. These were not able to be included in the sim for various reasons. They are not official content from Run8 Studios. They can be redistributed freely. I repeat, they CAN be redistributed. And yes, the Doppler effects do function properly. I tested them myself.

Click the link below to download them. A PDF is included inside the zip file. Please read it before installing them. (To install, simply unzip into your V2RailVehicles/Sounds/Horns directory)

Included in this pack are the following horns:
K3HA (2 Versions)
K3LA (3 New Versions)
RS3K (New Variant)
RS3L (Original and New Variants)
RS5T (New Variant)

A small demonstration video will be uploaded shortly.

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