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Official V2 Statement from John Greenstone

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Official V2 Statement from John Greenstone Empty Official V2 Statement from John Greenstone

Post by Delta-6 Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:06 am

This was published on Run8 Insider yesterday afternoon. A statement from Lead Programmer John Greenstone clearing up some of the confusion regarding what is included in V2 as well as releasing System Requirements for it.

Hello all, I just want to clear up some confusion I've seen recently regarding Version 2 and the San Bernardino Sub (Los Angeles). The SBD Sub is not part of the V2 release, nor was it planned as such. It's an add-on route that will be available for purchase sometime after the release of V2, after it's completed and tested. When we said it's a "V2 route", we meant that it will only be available after V2 releases and for V2. The Seligman Sub is also an add-on route that will release sometime soon after V2.

Barstow, the Mojave Sub, and the Needles Sub have all received enhancements (the Mojave Sub has had a huge addition made to it), and all three will be included with V2. Also, V2 will be able to import your existing add-on routes (ALine, Selkirk, Mohawk, and Cajon Sub), and there will be updates available for each as necessary (Selkirk has had a very nice addition made to it, and it's a blast!)

The SD70ACes are also an add-on that will be available for purchase shortly after V2 releases (quite possible at the same time). However, we have included two very nice, fully-functional Run8 versions of the ACe with V2, as well as Run8 versions of the SD45-2 and SD40T-2. There will be add-on packs of all of these coming out in due-time after V2 releases.

V2 requires a computer that has 64-bit Windows (XP thru 10 have all tested fine), and a decent mid-range Directx-11 graphics card (pretty much any card in the last few years supports DX11). If you were able to run V1 decently and your computer meets the above, you'll likely be ok with V2. There are plenty of settings to adjust to suit your needs. Dot-Net 4.5 is necessary, and most Windows installations have this already.

For reference, V2 was developed mainly on a Dell Inspiron 5737 Laptop, with an Intel i7-4500U cpu at 2.4ghz, with 8gb RAM, on Windows 7 64bit, with the Intel HD4400 graphics-chip. Even with settings turned-up, I can easily maintain 20fps locked in most circumstances, almost 30 in lighter areas. My CPU is a dual-core, but hyper-threaded to 4 virtual cores. V2, in heavy circumstances, on my laptop uses around 3gb RAM. Your results may vary.

My old desktop machine, on which I developed V1, has an older mid-range AMD quad-core FX something-or-other CPU and an nVidia 440 card with 1gb Video RAM, and it also runs V2 just fine, just a bit better than my laptop. We have beta-testers blasting away at 60fps and sometimes 100+fps on mid-to-higher-end machines. As I've always said, anything above 60fps is just showing-off, like revving your Lamborghini at 6000rpm in first-gear in a vain attempt to impress women.

For best results, use a video card with 2gb or more video-RAM, and DON'T use the low-end model. For nVidia cards, these are cards with a "2" in the 2nd digit of the model number, ie, GeForce 420, 520, 620, 720. Yeah, the sim will run, but not in superb fasion. The higher the 2nd-digit of the model number, the moBetta. That's it for now...
-John Greenstone

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