New Work-In-Progress Update From Hyrail Simulations

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New Work-In-Progress Update From Hyrail Simulations

Post by Delta-6 on Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:23 pm

Here's a Work-In-Progress Update from Hyrail Simulations.

The post is as follows:

"So its been a while since we've had a Waycross update and I thought I would share a few wip pictures. As you know we love our signals on the A-Line and I guess you could probably call us signal foamers. Anyway here are a few of the new setups you will see in the Waycross expansion.
**Update** Oh and I forgot to mention that none of these signals would mean anything without the hard work of El Programmador. He has absolutely blown them out of the water as far as aspects available and signal logic. The amount of different aspect scenarios we get at locations like Folkston and McQuade to Duke is just mind blowing. I dare say he has come up with the most realistic representation of CSX speed signalling out there. --JWR"

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