[TUTORIAL] Creating Custom Textures

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[TUTORIAL] Creating Custom Textures

Post by Delta-6 on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:44 pm

The video you've all been waiting for is finally out!
That's right, the Run8 V1 Custom Texture Tutorial is live! And yes, you CAN get these skins working in V2.
That'll be in part 2 going up sometime soon.

As always this guide is for creating PRIVATE-USE content only. All necessary tools are in the description.

XNB Exporter 3.1


XNA Game Studio 3.1 for Run8 included in one convenient ZIP file!
mediafire.com file/6e37g6w6rn7tc2j/XNAGS31_setup.zip
Installation instructions below!
1. Install Games for Windows Live (gfwlivesetup.exe)
(This HAS to be installed or the XNA Game Studio setup will fail every single time)
2. Install VS C# 2008 Express Edition (vcssetup.exe)
(Run As Administrator)
3. Install XNA Game Studio 3.1 (XNAGS31_setup.exe)
(Run As Administrator)

Enjoy! I hope this helps you fellow Run8 modders out!

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